My dreams have been somewhat unpleasant as of late. I haven't been able to quite figure out what I am trying to work through or what experiences my dreaming self are having in the dreaming dimension. What I remember is most likely a symbolic interpretation of events. I suppose it is at least somewhat related to what is happening in waking life. I have been noticing negative thought tendencies. I use my creativity too often in imagining what could go wrong. I think I am getting close to working through and seeing some of those beliefs that are causing that to happen.



It has become very obvious in my life that my thoughts and beliefs create my reality, literally. I have made myself sick, had pains, channeled more energy, opened and closed to psychic phenomena, caused events, etc. I need to be very deliberate and careful to form a reality I enjoy. Why experience things we don't want if you are the one in charge of your life?